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Covid modelling
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What we're working on:

COVID-19 Simulation Tools

We are helping the New Zealand Operations Command Centre with COVID-19 simulation tools for planning the all of government response. This is a complex multi-discipline problem. Our mathematicians, data scientists, software developers, testers and support staff are helping minimize the impact of this terrible disease on New Zealanders. 

Some of our research work is public domain and you can read it on our COVID-19 blog.

Check back occasionally as we share information important to reducing harm.

But remember to wash your hands often, cough or sneeze into your elbow and follow the guideline published here. But most of all stay safe and look after each other. We are all in this together.

Our team
What we do

Our team

CloseAssociate was established in Wellington, New Zealand. 
Steve Grice.png
Stephen Grice

Founder & Solution Architect

Stephen is an experienced software developer, is an amateur scientist and mathematician and an OK manager. He has a wide range of experience in many industries and is a fast learner, even if he still supports the New Zealand Warriors. He has three lovely sons.

Leon Grice.jpeg
Leon Grice


Leon has a strong mix of private and public sector experience, including 5 years as the New Zealand Consul-General in Los Angeles. Currently the Chair of the NZUS Council, he has held and holds leadership roles in many spheres and spends what little spare time he has enjoying the Wellington hills with his family.

Grant Holdom.png
Grant Holdom

Software Developer

Grant is our lead developer, with many years’ experience in the analysis and design of information systems. Despite being a sci-fi enthusiast, he has a very grounded and focussed approach to his work and takes pride in helping organisations achieve their goals. 

Robyn Lush.png
Robyn Lush


Robyn is our administrator, office manager,  and professional gap filler. She has enjoyed the varied nature of the work she has undertaken for CloseAssociate and in her spare time she is an enthusiastic, if not overly skilled, tennis player. 

Patrick Grice.jpeg
Patrick Grice

Data Scientist

Patrick is a talented young data scientist with an impressive academic background. He is also a proficient mathematician, a gifted musician, and the middle of three, apparently lovely, sons. 

Karlene Ward.jpg
Karlene Ward

Technical Advisor

Karlene brings a range of skills to the team including corporate end-user IT training, content development, and training management along with considerable experience in the health sector. Karlene has a special interest in Excel, business analysis and project management, when not acting as taxi driver for two busy teenagers.

Richard Laugesen


Richard is a professional mathematician in the United States, conducting research on differential equations at the University of Illinois, and teaching at all levels from calculus through advanced graduate courses, as well as supervising PhD students. He grew up on the flat in Christchurch, and so adjusted easily to life on the plains of central Illinois. His motto when exercising is “Start out slow, and then ease off."

Murray Lum.jpg
Murray Lum

Technical Advisor

Murray has a good deal of ICT service experience and loves working with nimble organisations to get services up and running. Murray's background is in telephony, engineering and product development.

Who we are

We deliver technology that transforms membership systems

We help organisations wanting to increase the value of their products and services through modern technology that can manage complex processes and workflows. Our software and enterprise systems solution are modern, elegant, easy to monitor, and efficient.

What we do

We are a software development and research company and a leader in cloud-delivered enterprise association membership systems.

We provide expert niche-focused business process consultancy services to support the implementation of our specialist software designs. The business processes and software have been developed specifically for membership organisations and to be delivered through cloud services.

Membership system.png
Cloud based system.png


Our cloud-based solution enables our customers to run their organisations more efficiently, with less risk, and to deliver all of their services through the web to their customers. 

A system with an elegant interface that allows you to:

  • Access from anywhere whether on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile 

  • Subscribe and renew

  • Create, manage and edit their professional profile. 

  • Manage and promote their careers online

  • Purchase products, such as journals and merchandise

  • Book, pay and RSVP online to an event or workshop

  • Book, pay and RSVP to a professional training course, 

  • Submit work for professional assessment and certification.

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